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Kevin Honeycutt

Writing on minds with beaautiful, permanent ink is what imagination-based learning is all about!

Let's create some learning space!

Affordable Space LearningResources

Let's grow imaginations and a love for STEM/STEAM and space science!

These resources are calibrated to bring fun, excitement and self directed learning to your classroom!


It takes a family to imagine, design and build real learning experiences!

Kevin Honeycutt

Designer / Creator

Ben Honeycutt

Classroom Activities Dir

Peityn Beckman

Creative CAD Developer

Favorite tools to grow learning

Get your CAD file for 4 foot classroom model!

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        Setting up for kid presos

Rocket ship early literacy project

Lunar base with classroom stuff

Use Google Draw 4 Mars Base

Cardboard Everything

           Make a paper X-Wing!

           Build a planetarium!

Brent Kerr

Classroom Construction