I've been designing and build cardboard projects for kids for most of my adult life. My classroom was filled with imagination inspiring structures where learning and wonder could thrive. All these years later I'm still doing these crazy projects that kids love but now I'm partnering with classrooms to make them even better. Let's talk about using cardboard to inspire STEM and STEAM learning while cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit in our young geniuses!      Kevin

The Space Capsule Learning Pod Project

Early classroom PDF
Cutting first prototype out by hand in the garage!

Tabs and slot construction test...
More tabs and slots
Tab and slot exterior
Coming together!
Kid likes it already!
The door works!
Tabs & slots = strong construction!
It's big enough!

Door from outside
Add a small step stool and we're ready for space walks!
Each one can hold 3-5 kids!
Roof and sides come together!
One day from palm sized to classroom fun sized!

Download a PDF with designs & learning links.                      

From a PDF to a classroom model that kids can really get into...

Click image to download PDF for kids made models