Trends, Tools and Tactics for 21st Century Learning

This keynote is a fun look at the exciting things that happen when educators step outside their boxes and try new tools. It reinforces the importance of relationships while encouraging teachers to become learners again through positive examples of student success.

Inspirational Teachers Change Minds & Lives

In this keynote I share stories and ideas geared toward inspired tired and uninspired teachers. We’ll explore tools and tactics designed to reanimate educators.

Music & The Lost Learner

Today's tools make it easy to make music with kids. By painting their dark colors with sound, kids can express their frustrations and work through them. They can find symphonies within themselves they never knew we're there. Join me for an excursion into some possibilities in connecting with learners through music.

Creating Meaningful Learning

Sitting in a desk having teaching done to you for eight hours a day can cause some learners to lose their passion for school permanently. Let's explore the idea of making learning meaningful and irresistible using a bit of drama and today's amazing technologies.

Creativity Is Essential

Creativity is all but extinguished in some schools and classrooms. Nobody meant for it to happen but with our focus almost exclusively fixed on test scores we find ourselves waging all out war on anything seen as non-essential. In these days of invention and the need for creative problem solving it turns out we in education may have taken the low ground in a time of a coming flood. Join me for a discussion about the need for creativity and some ideas about bringing it into daily learning.

Theatrical Teaching = Forever Learning

Remember your most inspiring teachers and professors? I'll bet they had a dramatic passion for their subjects and brought them to life in front of your amazed eyes. In this session we'll explore the potential, intentional role of theater, drama and storytelling in effecting teaching and lifelong learning.

Connecting With Lost Learners

We see them every day, hiding in plain site, kids who gave  or checked out somewhere along the educational path. How can we re-find these kids and get them back onto the path to their future success?Join me for an exploration of today's options for reigniting passion in these kids.

Launch Me

How can a person connect to the world and grow? How can we learn to market our talents while we cultivate them. How can we teach kids to do the same? With today's tools and adequate passion we can teach kids to build the life they don't know they want...yet. Join me for this fast paced journey into launching into the life you want and teaching kids to it too.

Entrepreneurial  Learning

Could kids learn about business by being one? Today's tools and resources allow kids to create, market and sell their ideas anywhere in the world. There are no barriers save for those we imposed on ourselves. Let's explore some powerful tools and notions that kids could use to imagine a future where they are successful!

Serve Others & Serve Yourself

Nothing builds confidence like helping others. Let’s talk about the things that can happen in the hearts and minds of even your most challenging learners when it’s not all about them.

Learn 2 Love 2 Learn

The killer app for the 21st century is to teach kids to Learn To Love To Learn but how do we do that? Infusing passion and context into your teaching is a good place to start. Join me for this discussion about helping kids L2L2L.

Challenges & Opportunities for Today’s Learning Mind

In this keynote I delve into the multi-tasking, quick researching, opportunity seeking mind and seek to help participants imagine ways we can empower students to become skillful in using the tools of today to become better learners, headed toward brighter futures.

Powerful Tools 4 Challenging Times

In this presentation I explore the amazing and abundant free and affordable tools that we can use to offset costs, maximize effect and drive improvement in schools and businesses.

Peripheral Learners

This keynote shares some of the ways kids think and communicate using today’s technologies. It is a call to arms for educators to join kids on the digital playgrounds they will one day leverage for success.

Social Learning Networks

This keynote is an exploration of social networks as learning tools. Through positive examples I will invite participants to begin what I call: Self-Directed staff development.

Creativity is Essential

This keynote is an exploration of the power of creativity in education. We’ll start by making the case that the business world and the world in general are looking to creative minds more than ever. Through sharing examples from the ArtSnacks network, I show how powerful creativity can be for learning.

Teaching “Wired” Learners

This keynote explores some of the tools educators could/should use to engage kids who’ve grown up online and texting. We deal with issues around digital responsibility, mentoring and preparing kids for success in virtual space.

Online Safety and Cyber-Citizenship

This keynote explores the issues of online safety, digital citizenship and cyber-bullying. I share examples of tools and resources for helping educators and parents teach kids to be good people online.

Kevin’s Tech Toolbox

This keynote is an always-changing romp through many exciting free tools we can use in schools. We explore the idea of teachers as explorers and the idea of taming the tools so we can use them in education.

Mentoring Digital Kids

In this keynote I use my experience building and maintaining the ArtSnacks network. I talk about the ways we can mentor kids in virtual places and show inspiring examples of kid’s behaviors online.

Hooking Learners with Digital Tools

In this keynote I share free tools as well as stories about schools and classrooms that have used them to engage learners and learning. I inspire educators to use exciting tools to reach even the reluctant learner.

Launch Me

This keynote is geared toward people who present and train others. Whether your job is to talk to teachers, administrators, customers or kids I’ll show you great secrets for connecting to and deeply impacting your audience. I’ll also discuss strategies for marketing and getting noticed by people who don’t yet know they are your customer.


Some of My Keynotes

These are some of the titles and themes of my keynotes. I can do them as breakout session too! : )

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