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Kevin Honeycutt is a technology integrationist and a staff developer from Colorado Springs. He spent 13 years teaching K-12 art and now travels the country and the world sharing ideas with educators. His website is a valued treasure house of resources for educators.


Kevin has worked with teachers and students in 49 states plus Puerto Rico and has delivered keynotes to audiences all over the world in places such as Oslo Norway, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Barcelona, New Zealand, London, Manila, multiple provinces in Canada and multiple cities in Australia including locations in the Outback such as Groote Eylandt. He is a husband, father, grandfather, published author, and entrepreneur. In 2021 he partnered with his wife of 31 years to start his own company, Honeycutt Consulting, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Kevin grew up in poverty, attending school in more than 20 states before becoming the first high school and college graduate in his family. He taught K-12 art, summer art camps and wrote and directed high school plays for 13 years. During that time he was nominated for Sallie Mae Master Teacher, Kansas Master Teacher and won the Making IT Happen Award, as well as being published in art education journals. He then transitioned to a role as a staff developer and keynote speaker at an educational non-profit service agency for the next 17 years. There, Kevin conceived and developed multiple research based programs in the areas of project based learning, trauma/poverty informed instruction, SEL, STEM/STEAM education, and Digital Legacy. His podcast, Driving Questions in Education, was the number one rated podcast in K-12 video education for multiple years and featured best selling authors and leading educational thinkers from around the world. He was an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2011 and delivered a TEDx talk in 2015.


                                                 My favorite:

                                          Kevin taught 1-12 art for years; now he talks to people.

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