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“ Mr. Honeycutt, I wanted to message you and thoroughly thank you for speaking to our students, and especially for speaking to the teachers in Schuyler today. Your message was strong and well received. If ever there was a day that I needed to hear a strong message, today was the day. “

“ You are a combination of actor, comedian, musician, artist and teacher and the way you weave these talents together to change hearts, minds and lives is extraordinary.  I watched 1000 people feel and deeply embrace your powerful messages and I know great things will come of it. ”

Good to see you at ZETA. I saw ya 2 years ago at MACUL and that was a big contribution to confirming my career/life path as an educator.

“ We have a lot of professional development that mean nothing to us, but you changed that on Wednesday in Janesville! You are by far the best motivational speaker I have ever heard! You motivated me! I laughed and I cried! Thank you for such a great message! ”

“ Thank you for the motivational speaking engagement tonight. Although my head is still grasping the content, believe I have more tools now to help navigate my children. Continue to get your message to others! “

“ Thank you for sharing your rapid and magical heartbeats with Janesville, Wisconsin this morning! I will keep you posted with our progress! “

“ You are my new hero. Thank you for your amazing and inspiring talk at USD last night. I have just shared your information with my staff at Julian Charter School, and look forward to continued learning and sharing of inspiration of your simple (to those that get it) message of connecting with kids and helping them believe in themselves. Wow. “

“ Thank you for your inspiring and thought-provoking "keynote" presentation at our Wisconsin Association of School Boards State Convention today. I was so inspired that I also caught your follow-up "Visionary Leadership" break-out session. You are an extremely gifted and talented presenter. In 20 years of attending our state convention....I will admit that your presentation was THE best I have witnessed! “

“ Many of our teachers even though they have great hearts their minds are still in the 1980's traditional ways of teaching and they need to get over this way of thinking. It worked in the past but doesn't work now. We have different kids, a different culture, a different society, and we need to find different ways of teaching. What truly surprised me is when you spoke is how many of our "difficult" teachers were truly engaged in what you had to say. Surprisingly, these "difficult" teachers changed their sessions because you inspired them! We definitely need this type of guidance and help with our school environment and nothing has changed in the last 20 years but I feel you can definitely help. Plus, talking to our student body about where you can from and what you now are would inspire our poverty stricken population! They need to hear life isn't over just because you're in treatment. It would make such a difference in their lives. You definitely have a gift of speaking to the soul and we'd be honored to have you at our school. Thanks again for always inspiring and never stop what you are doing. You truly have a gift and change lives. “

“ Watched you on tv today by accident we were flicking through channels. My husband is not usually very involved in the kids education it's all me. Just wanted you to know we loved watching you so informative and interesting my husband wants to meet you he was so interested and intrigued. Thank you you opened his eyes up to things I have been trying to do for years!!!! “

As I travel around the country and the world, speaking to audiences I meet amazing people. I love this life of connecting and sharing ideas and passion with great people. Here are some of the things they say.

What people say

Kevin is a phenomenal speaker who makes you feel like he's talking directly to you in a room of hundreds.

Kevin is has a wealth of knowledge in the teaching field. He is able to express his thoughts using humor, his endless high energy, and a multitude of creative ways to bring new ideas to teachers. Kevin happily shares the countless links and applications he has collected over the years for teachers to use. Regardless if you are a seasoned teacher or new to the field Kevin will provide new, engaging methods to use with any grade level. Kevin's big heart and willingness to bring his unique talents to others are definitely worth the investment!

Kevin is an enthusiastic speaker who brings useful tools to the table for teachers to use the next day. He doesn't just give a pep talk to have a good year and entertain the audience. Kevin energizes teachers to try new ways to engage students in learning and empowering the student within the class to strive to be the best person they can be academically and outside the school walls.

Kevin utilizes a tremendous sense of humor, a gift for storytelling, a command of technology, and a profoundly positive take on the challenges of his own childhood to inspire his audiences.  He has a very obvious passion for both students and the educators who help them.  His many years as a K-12 classroom teacher give him a high degree of authenticity.  He also brings with him a vast network of friends with expertise in many areas that become a resource to any group he is working with.    

Regardless of the situation, you will never bring in a speaker who brings more authenticity, energy and inspiration than Kevin.  He truly helps people feel like more is possible.

Kevin's message comes from the heart.  Many speakers want to tell a story that makes them look like stars, but Kevin tells the unvarnished truth about his upbringing and his struggle to get to where he is today.  It is that authenticity that makes his message ring so true and makes it so valuable for every person to hear. His presentation is creative and energizing and you will walk away inspired.

If building empathy and authenticity is your goal and if you're looking for ways to help your people be their most creative and powerful selves, then Kevin is the person you want to hear.  I saw him 3 years ago and his lessons still resonate with me. His stories inspired me to embrace my struggle and use it as a stepping stone to a better me, and consequently a better teacher.  There is something powerful in his message that everyone can learn from.

A friend was struggling with teaching online.  After hearing Kevin speak, this is what I told her.  “Well, here are three key take aways I got from today’s keynote speaker, Kevin Honeycutt (definitely check him out).  1.  Bring your weird.  What we do online needs to be more exaggerated to capture who we really are in the physical classroom.  2.  Kids don't necessarily give a crap about the quality of work they turn in to us, especially if they don't really know us.  This is why it's so important for kids to see each other's work.  They will likely bring their best when they know there's a wider audience.  3.  Never be afraid to try in front of the kids.  A perfect finished product might make us feel good, but it's not reality and kids need to see us try, fail, adjust, and try again bc not only does it show them it's okay to not be perfect, it shows them that we care enough about them to keep trying for them.”

Even several years after hearing Kevin speak, I approach lessons with almost a 'What would Kevin do?' attitude. I know many of my lessons would still fall short of his expectations, but he continues to motivate me after all this time. I continue to follow him on social media and watch his keynotes when I need inspiration.  I love that he posts ideas frequently that I then can make my own and utilize for my kiddos.

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