Guitar Case Podium Project

A few years back I had the idea that I'd like a guitar case that when opened deployed into a podium. As a keynote speaker that uses music I always have a guitar case with me and having it perform double duty just made sense! Well Dennis Dill, a pretty cool teacher from RW Blake Academy in Florida hit me up on Instagram and we struck up a conversation. He told me that he knew a great teacher, Ms. Halman’s  who has a 4th period Fabrication Lab class that just might be up to the challenge of designing and delivering my guitar case podium...the rest will be history!

First sketch
My first Zoom launch/challenge
meeting with the kids...
The kids are getting the challenge.
Zoom meeting
Mr. Dill
Chelea Halman
RW Blake Academy is a very cool school!
Dill teaches/encourages all kinds of construction and product production!
My first sketch of the Steampunk Guitar...
In process version of the
Steampunk Guitar

My Steampunk Guitar the kids are designing the podium case for...
Another sketch of my idea for the Steampunk Guitar...
Kids showing their plans/designs
Kids showing their plans/designs
Metal manufactured version of the Steampunk Guitar from

3-D printed and painted Steampunk Guitar models my students in Hong Kong made.
Kids showing their plans/designs

Painted miniature metal version...
Steampunk Guitar Detail...
Steampunk Guitar Detail...
Steampunk Guitar Detail...
Kids showing their plans/designs

Click image to download STL file for my Steampunk guitar!

Learn more about my Steampunk Guitar.