Walking Into Your Light

A conference designed to help excite people & change their lives forever.

Kevin Honeycutt grew up in poverty & trauma attending school in 20+ states across  the U.S. His family was on the run from the law & the consequences of his father's choices. As he grew up he invented a powerful tool kit for escaping a trauma filled life. For the last 30+ years he’s been an Art teacher, staff developer, speaker/trainer & eventually an international keynote & motivational speaker. His book Midnight Run is offered as a roadmap for kids to find their own way out of darkness. Kevin has assembled this group of self empowerment superheroes with the goal of helping thousands of kids take the amazing & challenging walk into their own light! Whether online or in person this group will help you create a day where your kids begin to see their real potentials & with your support begin their own amazing journeys.

Andre Daughty empowers kids through through rap, music, art, poetry and creative extensions of their personal interests. He loves watching kids soar to new personal heights. Andre is a master of image building and social media leveraging  as a means of finding success.

Kimberly Wright is a passionate speaker and advocate for empowering students to overcome bias. She is a global speaker who helps build students up and encourages them to find their true voices and share them with the world.

Benjamin Honeycutt is a Middle School Teacher. He’s passionate about student equity & empowerment. He co-founded an educational non-profit called Open World Cause & published a Young Adult book called Bleak - he wants to help start anti-bullying initiatives in schools across the world.

Alefiya Master is an educator turned entrepreneur who has launched and built several companies. She loves sharing her journey of making it against all odds and inspiring students to #beaprenuer, anypreneur. The only way to "make it" in a man's world is to have more women turn it into a world for everyone.

Ron Madison is an incendiary motivational force who helps kids find their power and their drive to succeed. He loves to help kids become self advocates and entrepreneurs on their way to amazing personal success. His positivity is contagious.


1. Walking Into Your Light (One day student conference)

In this amazing day of learning and personal revelation, students will hear from our talented and gifted speakers and learn strategies and ideas for building their images, personal brands and individual potentials. Every one of our speakers understands adversity and has a personal journey to share.

2. Helping Students Walk Into Their Light (One day educator training)

In this powerful day of realization, awareness and empowerment, educators will be given examples, strategies and approaches to help them empower their learners to begin to focus on ways to find their way to new directions that lead to their success.