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Ready to be a professional speaker?

        Fully becoming you

           Owning an hour

        Going everywhere!

Learn to leverage social media, to get your name, your reputation and your brand known and causing the phone to ring. Are you ready to go everywhere?

           Lots of people talk but precious few can command a stage. This is the art we teach.  

    Whether it's your whole sales or training force or your own desire to be a force of nature...

In my nearly 20 year speaking career I have spoken all over the world, to audiences of every size and I am excited to hand that experience to you. How do you become known? How do you get the phone to ring? ...and once there how do you wow an audience...EVERY time?

What you'll learn

Me & my cast of AMAZING speakers will have you owning the stage EVERY time!

We'll show you how to design your presentation and leverage emotion, humor and pace to truly own your audience  for the duration of the keynote and long after.

We'll show you ways to build your image and to amplfy what you once thought was nothing to turn your image into a sought after product.