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The Bleak curriculum is a free, academically rigorous and standards based literary and social emotional learning curriculum developed with educational professionals across multiple disciplines. The curriculum works to give students’ connections and safe places in their schools while engaging in rigorous literary analysis about the novel. 

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“Why did he come back?" Tommy Tate finished his sophomore year alone at home, suspended from Latimer High School. Hated, dangerous, and accused of plotting to murder a classmate, Tommy was considered a monster by his peers and community. He swore that he would never step foot in LHS again. But now it’s fall, and after a summer of silence, Tommy arrives for the first day of school, leaving everyone to ask - why did he come back?

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February 18th, Final Entry

"My name is Tommy. It feels weird to write, but there are days where I can't remember my own name.

It started in second grade. I was a piggy, then a loser, and then I was Tommy Taint. They sald it all so much that they forgot who I even was... And one day I woke up and didn't feel human anymore.

My name is Tommy Leigh Tate.

  • And after this, they'll never forget it again."

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Benjamin Honeycutt is a speaker/trainer for hire in the realms of bullying prevention, building positive school culture and finding a place of acceptance for everyone. He shares with Teachers, Parents and especially kids in Jr. High and High School.

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